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Des Moines Fleet Washing Will Keep Your Work Vehicles Looking Their Best

Fleet washing

Not everyone realizes that Perfect Pressure Washing offers fleet washing. Although our name has become synonymous with pressure washing excellence in the Des Moines area, washing fleet vehicles isn't always the first connection people make.

We're committed to providing our local commercial customers with the best quality service, including fleet washing. If you have company vehicles, you owe it to your brand to make a good impression on anyone who sees it. Whether your fleet cars arrive in your customers' driveways or are just seen on the open road - make a positive impression.

We'll go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, and that enables you to do the same for our own customers. Call us now to find out more or get rates for our various commercial pressure washing services.

Benefits Of Fleet Washing For Your Business

If you're still on the fence about hiring Des Moines pressure washing pros for your fleet washing, what are you waiting for? In case you don't already know about the benefits of this service, consider this:

  • Showcase your logo
  • Create a positive brand identity
  • Reduce repair incidents
  • Improve fuel economy
  • Maximize vehicle longevity

The list goes on, but these are some of the highlights. If nothing else, what have you got to lose?

Your company vehicles need periodic cleaning, so why not arrange for scheduled cleaning from professionals? You already do that much for the mechanics of your cars, so now it's time to make exterior upkeep part of the routine.

Who Else Is Going To Clean Those Vehicles?

Whether it's your fleet or heavy equipment washing, these are tasks that have to be done as part of your routine care. Unfortunately, some companies make the erroneous decision to delegate tasks like this to their employees.

First of all, your team members have a full workload already. Forcing them to add this to their professional to-do list will either stretch them thin or cause them to sacrifice quality work in another area to compensate.

Secondly, they lack the training and experience to execute this task skillfully. For the best results, leave exterior cleaning of all kinds to a licensed and insured professional.

Fleet vehicles can include cars, trucks, vans, buses, even scooters! No matter what they are, they require cleaning, and we're here to take that burden from you. Give Perfect Pressure Washing a call right now to schedule your Des Moines area fleet washing.

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